Grieb Ranch Plant Feed

Your garden will simply reward you for using Grieb Ranch Plant Feed.
All flowers were fed Grieb Ranch Plant Feed.
Flower Photos: Kimberly Brubacher

What is Grieb Ranch Plant Feed?

Simply stated it is a sustainable manure tea soil treatment; organic plant food for your plants.

Soaking her son's manure-caked overalls in a 5 gallon bucket of water gave co-founder Connie Willems, a Grieb Family member, the idea to bag the manure for use as manure tea. After the overalls soaked and the manure brewed in the bucket, she would then pour the manure tea water out on the garden and watch the flowers bloom and enjoy the delicious produce. Thus Grieb Ranch Plant Feed was born.

  1. Small Bag for use in a 1-3 gallon watering can
  2. Batch Size for use in a 5 gallon Grieb Ranch Plant Feed brewer
  3. Garden Barrel size for use in a large application such as a 30 gallon trash can
Grieb Ranch Plant Feed brewer and watering can. These items help you get started brewing batches of Grieb Ranch Plant Feed. Put a starter kit in your cart to get started!

Why use Manure Tea on your plants?

What type of manure makes the best tea for plants?

Grieb Ranch Plant Feed Brewing Instructions

It's So Easy ... To Start a New Brew

Meet some of the animals who produce the manure that we collect for Grieb Ranch Plant Feed.
Horse Apples
is ideal for growing green, healthy plants.
Cow Pie
provides balanced nutrients ideal for growing a variety of plants.
Chicken Coop Scoop
is ideal for acid-loving plants and lawn and leafy plants.
Goat Marbles
is ideal for plants that experience heat and cold extremes like patio plants.

Apples Pie (horse + cow) is a balanced mix of plant nutrients for general garden plants.

Four Farm Friends (horse + cow + chicken + goat) is ideal for overall plant health.

See Variety Details for a description of each variety.

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